1. Merzbow, Zeitkratzer,O Yuki Conjugate, Controlled Bleeding,The Master Musicians of Joujouka,etc

  2. Nox Aeterna
    A Place to Pray

  3. Atonal Vol. 3 - Encyclopedia of Obscure Aural Wonders - 80´s​/​90´s
    Arcane Device, Francisco Lopez, Discmen, The Konstructivists, Geins’t Naït, If Bwana among others

  4. Electric Rain
    Pas Musique

  5. Andreas Archives Vol. 3
    Esplendor Geométrico, Costes, S.Core, Merzbow, X Ray Pop, Big City Orchestra, among others.

  6. Andreas Archives vol. 1
    Architects Office, Bene Gesserit, Etant Donnés, Le Syndicat, The Grief, X Ray Pop, etc.

  7. Early / Unreleased tracks

  8. Gris - Nez

  9. Atonal Vol 2 - Encyclopedia of Obscure Aural Wonders - 80´s/90´s
    Ah Cama Sotz, Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, PBK,Emil Beaulieau,Randy Greif, among others

  10. Isto vai acabar em lágrimas - Livro sobre 30 anos SPH / 20 anos Thisco + Cd Dust of Dreams de Merzbow

  11. The Greytest Hist

  12. Forma Mentis
    Enrico Piva

  13. Still Nothing Definite
    Another Headache

  14. Et Ça Vole
    Lieutenant Caramel

  15. Bovoso / Brume split tape
    Bovoso / Brume

  16. Atonal Sampler
    Smell&Quim, Das Kombinat, Markus Schwill, MØHR, The Josef Boys, Croniamantal, etc

  17. Iswari

  18. Irre tapes vol 3
    Psyclones, Maeror Tri, Klimperei, Siegmar Fricke, Nostalgie Eternelle, etc

  19. Andreas Archives Vol. 7
    Charles de Goal, Dernier du Culte, Portion Control, Spk, Pacific 231, Nocturnal Emissions, etc.

  20. Andreas Archives Vol. 6 ( 80- 89 )
    Die Form, Vidna Obmana, The Grief, Suckdog, Philippe Laurent, Anne Gillis among many others.

  21. Au Jardin Botanique

  22. Energy is Eternal Delight
    Siegmar Fricke / A Thunder Orchestra

  23. Shapeshifter

  24. Woodtrip
    Alvars Orkester

  25. Neuro - Net
    Gunther Schroth / Uwe Zahn

  26. Odium

  27. STA
    Expose your Eyes

  28. Surrealistic Therapy

  29. Théurgistes In Situ
    Phaeton Derniére Danse

  30. Risiko Uber Mass
    Mass is Mater

  31. Two Women

    Magic Moments At Twilight Time

  33. The Angel & The Beast + Takes
    German Sex

  34. Organic
    Chemical Plant / Opreation Mind Control / Symbolics / Another Headache / Alvars Orkester

  35. Schesis
    factor X / AMK

  36. Crime Watch
    That Backdoor Man

  37. Moon
    Dead Goldfish Ensemble / M. Nomized Split Tape

  38. CZM
    Gregorian George

  39. Mind
    That Backdoor Man

  40. Metamorforms
    De Fabriek / The Josef Boys

  41. Ora e Labora
    Georg Sieger

  42. Tape Jazz Planet 3
    The Kitchen _ Musique Associative

  43. La Marche sur les Toits
    Sebastian Gandera

  44. Sakrale Tiertötung

  45. La Revanche de la Nuit
    Sebastian Gandera

  46. Youth ?
    That Backdoor Man

  47. Symbiosis
    A Thunder Orchestra / M. Nomized split tape

  48. Living Sculptures
    23 Music / German Shepherds Split Tape

  49. Eternal End´s Begining
    La Grímas

  50. Night
    Cultes de Goules

  51. A Broken Mold
    Northern Machine

  52. The Brain
    Radical Change & T.T:T.F.

  53. D

  54. Axx / Spooning
    Merzbow / Scum

  55. Continuous Soft Hits

  56. Distressed Tension
    Fektion Fekler

  57. Man + Machine
    Smersh / DSIP / Placebo Effect / Ambulatorio Segreto


SPH TAPES Oeiras, Portugal

Established in late 80´s releasing cassetes from Merzbow,Jim O´Rourke, Brume, De Fabriek, The Haters,Smersh, Lieutenant Caramel, Maeror Tri, among many others.
Those days we plan to re release only works from the early days of DIY Cassete Culture.
ADVICE : The p.o box in the back of the covers is inactive.
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